Portrait photos from the 2016 dance will be posted here by Monday, Feb. 15.
Thanks to our portrait photography sponsors:
Danelle Alexis Photography, Karen Powell Photography,
Robin Allen Photography and Sara Corman Photography.
Thanks also to John Black Photography, Lacey Jordan Photography and Sarah Brown Underwood Photography, as well as TopsinLex.com for capturing the dance in candid photos.

To view photos, click on the image galleries above. Photos are organized by the session date and photography stations where your portrait was taken: Left Station, Center Station, Right Station. For portrait galleries, you will be prompted to type in the password from the card given to you at the photo station. To download your photo to a computer, click the Select Photos button on the top right of the images, choose the photos to download, then click Download. The images will be downloaded into a .zip file. Please contact us if you are unable to locate your photo or with any additional questions.